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How to make your moving day run smoothly

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The key to having a smooth moving day is organization and planning. If you have a plan and follow it, everything will go much more smoothly than if you try to wing it. Packing up the items you don’t need in the next few days. This will free up some space in your current home so that you can start packing away boxes and furniture without them taking up all the room. Create a timeline for yourself and stick to it. Packing a house takes time, so be realistic about what you can accomplish in one day and what needs to be done over the course of several days. Don’t forget to take into account things like mealtimes, naps, and bathroom breaks. You can also help yourself save time by packing whenever you have downtime during your day. Just remember to keep little hands away from anything that could be dangerous if your child comes across it unsupervised.

Arrange an earlier start for removals if the new house is only a short distance away

Arrange an earlier start for removals if the new house is only a short distance away- Moving early in the morning means less time spent traveling with your belongings packed in boxes or bags, which means less potential for damage or loss of items during transport. It also reduces traffic around your new home which could mean more parking spaces available close by, or an easier route getting your stuff inside. On that same token check whether some of your belongings can be dropped off at the new property the night before or a few hours before you move in to make unpacking a lot easier. Moving to a new place can be quite stressful, so anything that will make it run more smoothly should be considered.

Take all callers round with you on moving day

Take all callers round with you on moving day   If there are other people you wish to see your belongings before they go into storage, it is highly advisable to take all callers round with you on moving day. This may well include important tradespeople such as cleaners and electricians, as well as friends and family members who don’t understand why their visit can’t be scheduled for another time. Although this will probably mean that the number of people at your new place will be greater than the number you started out with, it is better to have too many helpers rather than not enough. Or worse still, having too few and getting into an accident whilst trying to move heavy items yourself.

Get all your tools together before moving day arrives

Get all your tools together before moving day arrives   When moving house, you can’t always bring all your tools with you and it’s likely that many of them will end up in storage for a while. It is therefore very important to make sure that none of the tools necessary to carry out any repairs or check appliances is left behind. Make a list before moving day so it will be easier to know what you will need and don’t forget it might be a good idea to take out insurance for any items left behind. This is also true of garden equipment such as lawnmowers and rakes which may or may not fit in your car, or if they do they most certainly won’t be able to make the journey back again.

Pack your personal belongings together when moving house

Moving Services Gold Coast

A great way to save time when moving is to pack all of your personal belongings for a specific room into a single box. This will make it a lot easier for you and the removal men, because not only can they work on several boxes at once- it also means you will be a lot less likely to forget something in a box. You can do this with kitchen items, bedroom items, or bathroom towels and toiletries- it doesn’t matter what room you are moving from, just make sure everything is packed together before the removals men arrive.

Label all boxes when packing for storage

Label all boxes when packing for storage   If you don’t want to lose track of an item or lose sight of its purpose, make sure you label every box. This is especially important if you are planning on storing the contents in a warehouse as opposed to just staying put in a garage. Labels can be used as a reference point for finding any belongings you plan on taking out of storage at a later date, or if it is something that will be required for use when you are settling into your new place.

Ask friends or neighbours to keep an eye on your old home

Moving day can be quite stressful and often people are not in their right minds- which is why it’s a good idea to ask friends or neighbours to keep an eye on your old home. This is especially important if you are moving into rented accommodation because it will save the landlord from unnecessary phone calls and checkups on the house and let him know that everything is okay. If you stay in touch with them via text messages and updates, it will be easier for them to relax and not worry.

Pack an overnight bag for yourself on moving day

On the actual day of your move, you should pack and take with you one or two overnight bags so that you can stay at your new place before deciding whether or not to stay there long term. This means less travelling back and forth on the day you are meant to be moving in, which will mean less time is spent travelling and more time spent settling into your new place.

Designate a parking space for the removal van when moving house

When moving home, it’s often the case that there is no designated parking space- especially if you are renting or you are moving into a new apartment. To save yourself time and stress, it may be worth marking out a position for the removal van to park in. This means you won’t have an argument with the neighbours about parking, and it won’t take up your time trying to find a space near by- instead you will be able to let the removal men get on with their work.

Be sure to check appliances before moving house

If you are planning a big move, it’s a good idea to make sure all of your appliances still work and that they use the same plug sockets. This is important because if there is going to be any issues at all, it will save you time and money. For example, if an electric heater or hair straightener needs to be replaced- then the sooner you know the better.

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