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About Premium Removals

We know how daunting the logistics of any move can be. Whether you are moving house or office, locally or interstate you are more than likely want to get Your move done carefully, efficiently and by a very professional team. We pride ourselves in providing an amazing value-for-money and a service that is second-to-none taking the stress out of moving so you can sit back and relax while we move you in. We offer superior custom solutions for all aspects of your move - from start to finish. That’s exactly why Premium Removals was born and that’s why we’re Premium! White many years in the furniture industry our focus is become a truly trustworthy, helpful, “don’t lift a finger” moving services provider.

We are aware that our rates are normally a little more than our competitors, however, that allows us to maintain a solid qualified team, so we can offer a higher moving service than others while taking the utmost care with both your furniture and budget. Please be in mind that we won’t price match with cost-cutting removalists. Choosing your removalist company by with the lowest hourly rate, means they are more likely to send you poorly- trained and inexperienced team. We also know that you will find a cheaper quote around but Our Service is unique and our value for money is unbeatable.

We focus on providing a healthy work balance and life enjoying to our team so we know they will be ready to greet you with a truly friendly smile. We believe that if we want to repeat work we need to provide a higher level of customer satisfaction and we will.

Our Values

Honesty, Integrity and Reliability: We are a ZERO no-show company who delivers on time, every time. We have a proven record for doing what we promise and only make agreements we can deliver upon. If an issue arises, we will work with you to resolve it with integrity and honesty above all.

Efficiency and Quality: We take pride in providing high quality, efficient services that we stand behind. This ensures that you, the customer, is 100% satisfied with every aspect our relationship, securing profitability for the company and the future of our employees through sustained growth and continuous improvement throughout our business framework.

Continuous Communication: We understand the importance of good communication throughout the moving process. We will be available to provide the support you require and will keep you informed and up-to-date on your move at all times.

Valuing Relationships: At Premium Removals, our customers’ satisfaction is paramount. Our focus is on building long-standing, ongoing customer relationships. We do this by providing excellent customer service and friendly, quality services at a value-for-money price.

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