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Elderly Moving Gold Coast specializes in providing compassionate and reliable moving services tailored to the unique needs of seniors. Our dedicated team understands the importance of a smooth transition for elderly individuals, ensuring a stress-free and comfortable relocation experience. From careful packing to gentle transportation, we prioritize the well-being of our senior clients. Trust Elderly Moving Gold Coast for a seamless move that respects and supports the specific requirements of the elderly.

When you are providing support to move a senior family member or friend move, the weight of responsibilities can be daunting. You are hoping to do everything right by them so they have an easy transition into retirement living on their terms- but it’s not always possible when dealing with such personal matters!

Let our dedicated and compassionate team take care of moving as per your needs. We’re here to help you make your move easy and stress-free for everyone. Let our moving experts create an individualized plan just designed around what will work for you.

Our Premium Elderly Moving services will support you and your elderly loved ones for a smooth and stress-free transition to this next chapter in life.

Gold Coast Removalists
Gold Coast Removalists

Our Premium Care Process

Our Premium Care Process delivers an unmatched level of customer service. We know the importance of providing excellent customer care, especially for a senior family member, and that’s why we do more than everything in our power to ensure we provide the best moving experience possible. At Premium, we believe that when you’re planning for an elderly move, we are also preparing for their next step in life, and we will ensure we provide you with our best moving team for a senior move.

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Planning is a big part of any important task in life, especially if you are moving to a retirement village. That’s why we believe that the best way for a successful move is to put a moving plan in place.

How a senior should plan a move?

2 months out

1 month out

2 weeks out

Week of your move

Moving Day

If you moving to a new house, ask for a house floor plan. 


Select the furniture you want


Consider start giving away unwanted



Get a moving quote for a senior moving

Book your move


Start packing only the small and light items.


Consider asking for a help from a family member or a friend.


Contact utilities providers to arrange cancelation or relocation.


Notify your bank and others of your new address.

Double check your moving date with removalists and your family.

Take photos of your furniture and most important documents for moving insurance purposes.

Finish Packing your items.


Have all essential items for the first couple of days in the same box


Make a plan for moving day


Prepare some easy and healthy snacks for your moving day

Organize your house Supervise movers to make sure nothing is left behind.


Ask for help lifting items if needed.

Get plenty of rest the night before.

Most seniors have not moved in a long time. It’s perfectly natural to feel rusty during the process and need assistance with their move! Helping your loved one move can be a challenging but rewarding experience. We’ve put together some helpful tips and resources that will show you how to navigate this process with ease!

Tip #1: Plan in advance with our senior moving and downsizing checklist

The more you plan, the less room there is for mistakes and confusion. This checklist above will give a general overview of what’s expected during your next move – use it as often as possible.

Tip #2: Downsizing some of your possessions

If you plan to move from your old family home into an apartment or a retirement village, it’s time to reduce the number of household goods you own. This can be a challenging and emotional process. Begin by categorizing what to keep it, what to give it away, dispose, sell and donate.

Tip #3: Discuss the downsizing process with your family

It’s time to have those tough conversations with your family about what they want in the future so you don’t end up holding on too long something they will throw away.

Tip #4: Ensure you have a floor plan of the new place

Knowing the measurements of your new place will help you in determining how much space is available for you. With a clear understanding of your floor plan, you can start to narrow down what will work for the new home.

Tip #5: Plan the big stuff first

When planning what you want to take with you on your next chapter, start by planning the oversized and bulkiest items like table, sofas, beds and dressers. 

Tip #6: Start Packing the small and light items

Sort the smaller and light items first by yourself. They are normally the easiest to pack however they take more time as they are numerous. Don’t forget to Label each box.

Tip #7: Get some moving quotes

The cost of moving can be expensive for many people, but luckily, we have senior discounts available for you. Make sure to not only choose based on price, but also check reviews and referrals. 

Tip #8: Make sure you know yourself and your limits

The stresses of moving can be overwhelming, so always ensure that you are honest with yourself about how much work you want to do handle. 

Tip #9: Take advantage of technology

Take pictures of your current home setup so you can arrange things again just the way that works best for yourself, especially for TVs and other electronic connected equipment. You can use the photos to plug all the cords when setting up in your new house. 

Tip #10: Take care of your mental health

Moving is hard on anyone, but it’s especially tough when you have to leave your home. Some seniors may experience Relocation Stress Syndrome which can lead them into depression and anxiety or even confusion. Make sure you get plenty of rest, manage your stress level and be aware of your feelings during the process.

Tip #11: Pack all of essential items in the same suitcase

The first 2-3 days in a new place can be challenging. You may take some days to unpack your things. Keep all essentials handy, so you can get them as you need. Pack your medicines, toiletries, keys, remotes, documents, and anything you consider essential.

How can I help my elderly parent move?

Prepare Your Parents for a New Home

Moving can be a daunting experience for elderly parents who are not used to significant changes. Once you find them an appropriate place, show it off or use blueprints so they get acquainted with their new home before the move happens.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

When you move your elderly parents to a new home, there are lots of things that need handling—but they don’t have be handled alone. enlist the help from friends and family members who are available; assist with packing or unpacking as well! Ask them if they would like some time just spending together while this process goes on.

Ensure to hire Professional Movers

Hiring professional movers is one of the first things you should worry about when preparing for a move. You will save time and energy by having professional help with your parents’ belongings, rather than trying to do it yourself or asking friends/family members who may not know exactly where everything goes.

How professional movers can help?

Moving Material Lists

We can help determine and estimate what will be needed to pack all contents safely, the number of boxes, types of moving boxes and extra moving materials.

Packing Services for Seniors

We’re here to help you through the process of packing and professionally organize what is essential and wanted for them. We will pack and implement a Box labelling system to ensure nothing is misplaced.

Unpack Services for Seniors

Our professional movers help you unpack and place everything most comfortably for your loved one. As an experienced team of movers, we know how to take care and respect your elderly loved ones. We will make their move as easy as possible by taking all the emotional pressure off, so they don’t need to worry about anything!

With our Gold Coast Senior moving service, you can put yourself at ease knowing that someone else has got this under control.

Sentimental Sort

When it’s time to sort through their belongings, sometimes it feels like they won’t let go of anything, making them more anxious and upset as time goes on. We use a gentle, calming environment to ensure your elderly loved ones feel safe throughout their move. Hiring movers is stressful enough without worrying about how they’ll be treated once everything is locked in. We care!

Elderly people often find themselves in a position where they need to move from their large family home into an apartment or house with less space. This means that the new residence may not have enough room for all these possessions, which can make moving quite stressful!

Premium Care Service

Our Premium movers care and understand that you and your senior’s belongings have a lot of meaning, so they will handle your contents with the utmost respect, knowing how important these items are.

We believe that when you move, we are here not just for transportation. Your senior’s belongings are of intense emotional significance, and each box can feel like it’s carrying memories and have an extreme emotional relevance. Hiring an experienced and reputable moving company to take care of your family member’s move can make the difference in whether they have a smooth move.

Elderly moving Gold Coast

We offer discounts and special rates for your Senior & Elderly Moving on the Gold Coast.

At Premium, Seniors enjoy a discounted rate of 10% off when they move with us. We are happy to say that we’re always looking at ways to better assist our clients in saving money on moving day, so we proudly offer a special deal just for seniors!

We know that you’ve been looking for ways to save on moving costs, and we have just the solution. Simply present your senior’s card when hiring our drivers, then take 10% off what would have been a cost if they hadn’t accepted!

We believe this discount will help significantly on a moving day. Whether a small one-bedroom unit or a large, fully furnished home. Present your senior’s card to any of our staff to get your 10% off the moving costs. If you don’t have your card, mention your discount when speaking to our booking team.

Elderly Moving Gold Coast

Covid-19 Safe Removalists

We’ve been following COVID-19 closely, and as a result, we know what steps to take. We monitor daily updates from AFRA (Australian Furniture Removalists Association) for furniture removal companies so that you can rest assured knowing we always will put your safety in first place.

We are constantly staying up-to-date with the latest information on virus outbreaks. As a service provider, we will continue to offer furniture moving services for local house moves and commercial or office relocations.

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The importance of hiring someone you can trust.

It pays off big time when you’re ready to move if your moving company has the expertise and customer service orientation needed. Every year we see many people who get taken advantage of by low-cost movers with shoddy quality, leading them into regretful situations where they could have used a professional team like ours. 

The last thing anyone wants during such stressful times is an added worry about how smoothly everything went from start till finish – our movers are always prompt but more importantly than anything else, we are ready to deal with your loved ones. 

Our team comprises friendly and professional movers who will load your furniture and belongings with care and efficiency, safely transport it to your destination, unload and organize your furniture in your new home, and provide necessary reassembling services. Our caring removalist team will treat your loved ones with care, respect and attention to detail, always considering the emotional aspects of these big moves.

If you’re moving house in Gold Coast, consider discussing your move with the team of Premium Furniture Removalists about your family’s move – call 1300927522 or get in touch online.

We are the local experts in Gold Coast when it comes to moving into retirement villages. We will work together with them and you, finding a time right for everyone.

We always put our customers first. That’s why we offer a wide range of moving solutions at reasonable prices that will save you money and help senior citizens live comfortably into their golden years. We know seniors sometimes have to wait months before being placed on a waiting list for an apartment or retirement home. If the place isn’t available when you expect it, we can usually change your move even on short notice.