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Packing Your Kitchen & Fragile Items

Moving Services Gold CoastIn today’s world, it seems as though everyone is on the go. Whether you’re a family with children or an individual who constantly travels for business, there are many reasons why you need to find quality removalists on the Gold Coast.There are many options for removal companies but not all of them can meet your needs and expectations. It doesn’t matter if you want to move out of your home or office; our team is here to help make sure that everything goes smoothly! Here are some tips for packing up your kitchen and fragile items.

Pack up all of the dishes, cups, and cutlery first.

If you have any glasses, it’s best to wrap them individually in some newspaper. Then place all of your dishes in boxes that are specifically for kitchen items. If possible, try not to stack anything more than three boxes high so that they are easier to carry. Pack up small goods next such as spices, oils, salt and pepper shakers, and flour. You can also pack up any cooking utensils in the same box , but make sure you put them in a bag together so they don’t get scratched or misplaced. Pack up everything that is fragile next such as wine glasses, picture frames (if there are any), vases, lamps, ashtrays, etc. Make sure you wrap these items up individually so they don’t get broken during the moving process. If there are any extremely fragile items that can’t be wrapped, it would be best to pack them far away from the other boxes so they won’t get damaged or smashed.

Next, pack up your pots and pans.

Wrap each pot and pan in a bag and then place them all in the same box. With this make sure you don’t stack any pots or pans on top of one another so they will still fit inside the box. Last but not least, pack up your cleaning supplies such as sponges, dish soap, and paper towels. Once again, wrap each item up individually. If you have any cleaning supplies that are in liquid form, make sure they are placed far away from the pots and pans so they won’t leak throughout the entire box. If you have any items that need to be moved from a second-floor apartment or storage unit, it would be best to purchase a platform dolly for them.

Put away any fragile items such as glassware so you don’t risk breaking them.

Then, put all of your pots, pans, and other kitchen items into the same box. If you don’t have any room for these larger boxes, pack them in first before anything else! When it comes to packing up your dishes and small goods like spices and utensils, place each item inside a bag (if possible). Then, put the bags in a box that is clearly marked. Finally, pack up your cleaning supplies and put each item in its own bag. Make sure you keep all of the paper towels together, otherwise they may get lost during the moving process.

Make sure to have plenty of padding around anything breakable.

Tape the padding to the walls of the box so that it will stay in place. You can use old towels or newspapers for this. Pack up your lamp shades and vases by wrapping them in tissue paper. This makes it a lot easier to pack up boxes of small goods because they won’t shift around during the moving process. Now, you can pack up everything else. Just make sure to keep the bookshelf items together so they don’t get lost or damaged during the moving process!

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Label all boxes with the room they belong in.

Labelling boxes with masking tape will help you stay organized. You can also write ‘fragile’ on one side of the box if there are any small items that need to be handled with care. Then, you can stack these boxes up by room. Just make sure that the heaviest boxes are on the bottom of the pile so they don’t get crushed or broken during the moving process! Any small items that need to be moved from a second-floor apartment will need to be packed into one big box. If there is any fragile glassware, make sure they are on top of some kitchen items so they don’t shift around during the moving process. As for any remaining boxes that still need to be packed up, you can place them into a U-Haul truck or rent a trailer if available. Make sure everything is secured with rope so it doesn’t move around while you’re driving.

Use packing materials like bubble wrap and foam peanuts.

Place these materials in between delicate items so they don’t shift around during the moving process. Fill up any empty spaces with some newspaper or towels to ensure that nothing moves while you’re driving! Pack up your mattresses and box springs by wrapping them in bed sheets. This ensures it will be safe from dirt and debris when moving out. If you plan on wrapping any chairs and couches in blankets, place them into the rooms where they belong. Otherwise, if they are just thrown into a trailer or truck without any care at all it could damage the chair and cause it to break over time.

Stack similar items together so you can see everything at once.

When moving a dining room set, place each chair upside down so they don’t get scratched or damaged. Just remember to remove the tablecloth before placing it on top of the chairs. Make sure all of your appliances are turned off and unplugged before taking them with you as well! This way, they won’t accidentally turn on during the moving process and damage anything. If you have a washer or dryer, make sure to take time beforehand to clean out any big lint that may be inside of it. This avoids having lint all over your clothes when you use the machine for the first time! Before taking any appliances from a second-story apartment, make sure to have someone there to help you bring them downstairs.

Pack up your shower curtain and any other hanging items by rolling them up into tubes. This ensures that nothing rips or falls apart during the moving process. All of your towels should be rolled up tightly so they don’t get dirty while being transported. The best way to do this is by rolling them up from the end, folding in a small section and then rolling it up again until you reach the end. Stack your towels in one pile, making sure to keep any hand towels together with the bath towels. This way, they won’t get lost during the moving process! If there are any items that need to stay in the bathroom, you can place them in one pile by the front door so you know where to put everything once you arrive. Pack up your bedsheets and blankets by first folding them into a neat pile, followed by rolling them up tightly. This ensures nothing rips or tears during the moving process! Stack all of your books together before packing them up. Do the same with any DVDs and video games, always making sure they are in good condition before moving them!

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